New column and new writing job!

As of this past Wednesday my first post for The Wednesday Sludge has gone live via Metal Injection! Every Wednesday you can check in as I introduce you to new sludge bands. 

And as of today I will be officially writing with Broken Amp! Will be contributing features, essays, and reviews. Keep an eye out for all the work to come this year.

Favorite Discoveries of 2016

I feel confident being so close to the new year to at least share the bands I've discovered this year that have made my eardrums shake with joy and adrenaline. Some of these bands just came out, some of them have been around for years (and after hearing them I can't understand what rock I must have been under to miss out on the hype). So here are my picks for New Bands I've Discovered in 2016:

Sabaton: These guys just announced a tour and I thought "What the hell?" and checked them out. It took just the opening to their newest record The Last Stand to sell me. It is such a breath of fresh air when a band can make music that is playful and just damn fun to head bang too!

Latest release: The Last Stand (Metal Blade, April. 19, 2016)

Serpentine Dominion: The love child of Adam D. (Killswitch Engage), Shannon Lucas (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder), and George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (Cannibal Corpse). At first I was afraid this was going to be a Cannibal Corpse rip-off, but luckily it acts more of a tribute to classic death metal while having its own identity.

Latest release: Serpentine Dominion (Metal Blade, October. 28, 2016)

Wormrot: 2016 was the year when I truly became a fan of grindcore. At first I thought it was just too much noise to be music, but while I discovered the rush of grind through bands like NAILS, Wormrot was such an incredible spin by adding dark rhythms and a chaos I had never heard before up until then.  

Latest release: Voices (Earache, October. 14, 2016)

Revocation: What an excellent combination of death and thrash. Speed, heaviness, and supreme technicality make this a musician's band. Experimentation and classical  metal meet here to create a whirlwind of devastating steel and gore.

Latest release: Great is our Sin (Metal Blade, July. 22, 2016)

Oathbreaker: In the world of metal there is so much of those droning blackened hardcore bands that it is tough to tell them apart. With Oathbreaker it was the use of at time clean vocals, gentle dream-like instrumentals, and poetic lyricism that grabbed my attention towards one of the more unique bands of today.

Latest release: Rheia (Deathwish Inc., Septemeber. 30, 2016

Motionless in White:  The most mainstream thing on this list and a band I use to have no interest in giving a shot. But one day out of boredom I played their most recent album and was blown away by both how well they pay tribute to their inspirations, and also how heavy they just happened to be. Their ability to mix so many styles is an incredible plus that I wish more bands would attempt to do today.

Latest release: Reincarnate (Fearless, September. 16, 2014)

Baroness: Another band that mixes many styles of music together, this time along the lines of rock, sludge, acoustics, and metal. I forget how I came across them to be honest, but after listening to their Yellow & Green album I was in LOVE. I actually got to meet the vocalist on the same day I saw them for the first time, and after finding their performance so beautiful and driven, made a promise to see them every time they tour.

Latest release: Purple (Abraxan Hymns, December. 18, 2015)

Cattle Decapitation: On this entire list this easily has to be one of my top favorites. In particular I've fallen heavily for their two most recent releases, and in a world that has so much heavy music, I can not get over the technicality, speed, and repulsive aura that surrounds this band. I also love when death metal actually has something to say. Seeing them live was one of the best treats of the year hands down.

Latest release: The Anthropocene Extinction (Metal Blade, August. 7, 2015)