Hanging out at the Art Institute of Chicago

Writing is my life, and the greatest art form I've come to love. In 2012 I began my career, enrolling in Columbia College Chicago's Creative Writing Program. My writing made its way throughout classroom circles and into student run publications, with my first major success coming from a film essay published in The Curator

While I originally enrolled with the intention to write purely fiction and poetry, I discovered a love and talent for creative nonfiction. There grew this passion to explore the intimate connection with stories, themes, and characters in art. I wanted to discover and share what made the art we love special to us, and began writing more essays on pop culture.

This love for writing essays found a way to bond with my love for music and film through journalism. Through writing I found a means to give back to two art forms I love dearly, and have constantly inspired me since I was a child. Currently I write for New Noise Magazine, Film Inquiry, Metal Injection, and Broken Amp Zine. In particular, I focus on metal and punk in regards to music journalism, and focus on horror and thrillers in my film writing.

I am also the publicist and A&R rep for death metal record label Ultimate Massacre Productions.

You can find links to my previously published work on this site. I am also available to be hired as a freelancer (please look under "contact"). The "blog" tab will link you to my Medium page, where I share some of my extra writing. Thank you for taking the time to read my writing - I look forward to sharing my work with all of you.