Hanging out at the Art Institute of Chicago

Writing is everything to me, and a means for me to connect with the world. In 2012 I packed up and moved to Chicago, enrolling in Columbia College Chicago's Creative Writing Program. It was upon graduating in 2015 where I would end up taking two of my greatest passions, and form them into one.

It would be with For The Love Of Punk where my music journalism career would begin. Since then I've freelanced with the likes of Dying Scene, Alternative Press, and PopMatters, writing about punk and metal. Today, I currently write with New Noise Magazine and Metal Injection on a full time basis, submitting album reviews, band interviews, and various editorials.

My love for music and writing also guided me towards the more business end of the industry, and helped to land me a position with Ultimate Massacre Productions (where I do social media and PR work). In my spare time, I've also written about film and video games for such publications as The Curator and Film Inquiry.

I write because I love connecting with people, and honoring the art that has inspired me and others across the world. It brings great joy to write about art, and to analyze its beautiful qualities. You can find most of my current published work via this site (some interviews you can find in print copies of New Noise Magazine). When I'm not writing, I love hanging out and listening to music, writing poetry, and watching movies with my fiancĂ©.